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Migration Audit

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Our firm has solid experience in preparing both of these reports in accordance with the requirements set out by the "Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs" ("DIMIA") for PRC business applicants. With the advantage of having a subsidiary firm located in Beijing, we offer the best quality services with the lowest possible costs.  

Application of state sponsorship for visa subclasses 188A, 188B 188C and 132requires your clients to submit a business or investment proposal to the designated Australian state governments. Proposals submitted by applicants are assessed on an individual basis by a team of business professionals in each state government. Some states such as New South Wales and Queensland have even more stringent requirements on business proposals. Applicants are requested to demonstrate a sound understanding of their proposed business by detailing information on the market environment of the proposed business, financial projections, marketing strategy and so on. 

For visa 188 & visa 132 business audit and financial reports preparation for different classes of visa and also Visa application help